Recent fires

These are images of fires of interest, with most recent at the top.

Images will be manually posted here during a fire. This is the latest image. Time stamp top left corner. Bearing, tilt and zoom below, above the caption. All taken with the firecam on Mount Elephant.


Cobden 23 march
Cobden Lake Cobrico peat 23March
18 march Camperdown. Still smouldering.


Derri Camperdown Rd 15 feb 2018
Derri Camperdown Rd extinguished. Tankers released.
Leslie Manor 2/2/18 Car accident. Nobody trapped. Fire spread to phalaris and sugargum plantation.


Werneth. Smoke well down. Cressy on scene. Wind farm behind. Timestamp now correct.
Werneth. seems to be several ignition points
Werneth 30/1/18  Just paged.


Duverney roadside burn 26/1/18
Looking east to the Duverney roadside burn with no zoom (1 hour earlier)
Darlington slasher fire 9/1/18
Skipton header fire 11/1/18
Skipton header fire with no zoom
Bookaar fire 23/1/18. Far side of Mt Kurweeton and Lake Bookaar
Dreeite South 18/1/18      450 ha rough country burned, and several hay stacks. No occupied houses.